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Ulcer Healing Pack.

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Stomach ulcers (gastric ulcers) are open sores that develop on the lining of the stomach. Ulcers can also occur in part of the intestine just beyond the stomach. These are called duodenal ulcers.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers

Although the most common symptom of a stomach ulcer is a burning or gnawing pain in the centre of the abdomen (tummy). Not all stomach ulcers are painful.

Some people experience:

  • indigestion
  • heartburn
  • nausea (feeling sick

Kedi Ulcer pack include

Colon Cleanser.
Gastrifort; is an old herbal formula that restores, balances the stomach and liver. It releases the symptoms of chronic gastritis and atrophic gastritis.

The main ingredients are Barbary Wolfberry, Chinese Magnoliavine Fruit, Royal-Jelly Freezing-Dry Powder, Indian Buead, and Common Yam Rhizome.

Royal Jelly can remedy liver disease, pancreatitis, insomnia, fatigue and digestive disorder.
Chinese Wolfberry is good for release of heat, relieves cough and sputum.

It can reduce symptoms of body weakness, sexual apathy, stomach disorder, low blood pressure, anaemia, eye disease and stomatitis. Etc

Chinese Magnoliavine fruit can be used to cure cough, wet dream and enuresis.
Indian Buead can reduce damp and dropsy.

It can also cure palpitation caused by fear.
Common Yam Rhizome is a tonic for spleen and the stomach enhances the digestive system.

Herbal Colon Cleanser Tea

  • It cleanses the colon and the Gastro intestinal tract
  • It detoxifies the body
  • It eases stomach and intestinal peristalsis
  • It boosts appetite
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    Key Features

    1. Gastrifort is effective for chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis and dyspepsia.
    2. It relieves the symptoms of digestive disorder
    3. It is effective for the treatment of Ulcer
    4. It calms down liver
    5. It is effective for the treatment of chronic hepatitis
    6. It restore the function of viscera and neurasthenic due to indigestion
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    Balanced nutrition.

    Health Care.

    Burn Fat.

    1 gram is equal to 1 kg of vegetables & Fruits.

    Contains 70% of the daily requirement of Protein.

    2.5 to 3 times more than soybean and beef.

    Contains 20 times than ordinary Ferrous rich food.

    Contains Vitamin B12 which is 3.5 times more than that of animal liver.

    Contains Carotene which is 1.5 times more than a carrot.

    Has high amino acids.

    Prevents & treats Diabetes.

    Prevents & treats Over weight/Obesity.

    Prevents & treats Hepatic.

    Prevents & treats Cardiovascular diseases

    Prevents & treats Hypertension.

    Prevents & treats Piles.

    Prevents & treats Cancer side effects.

    Prevents & treats Immuno deficiency.

    Prevents & treats Insomnia.

    Prevents & treats Wound healing.

    Prevents & treats Fatigue from over activity e.g after sexual activities.

    Improve the nutrition balanced level in the human body.

    Increase immune function,

    Regulate blood lipid,

    Regulate blood sugar.