Vita Natural B-Carotene

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  • Rich in energy
  • Rich in protein
  • lowers the risk of weight gain
  • fights depression
  • protects the skin
  • improves respiratory health
  • treats oral leukoplakia
  • has powerful antioxidant activity
  • supporting a healthy pregnancy
  • source of Vitamin A
  • Needed for healthy skin and good eye health and vision
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Helps infertility
  • Can prevent colon cancer
  • antioxidant
  • Can prevent gall stones or gall bladder diseases
  • Reduces the chances of stroke
  • fights stomach cancer
  • Fights against heart diseases, nerves diseases, and infection
  • The number of acids present in them are for proper growth and development of the body
  • Protects skin: helps in maintaining the integrity of cells of the mucus membrane and the skin, this protects them from free radicals which cause great damage


  1. It an anti-oxidant, therefore, facilitates the shedding off of dead cells
  2. Provides nourishment for the replacement cells thereby giving you a fresh and young skin.(anti-aging)
  3. Regulates blood sugar and lower risk of weight gain
  4. Prevents gallstones and gallbladder diseases
  5. Fights depression
  6. Very effective for treating stroke
  7. Good source of vitamin A, D Glutathione which support male and female fertility
  8. Rich in energy, rich in protein
  9. A good anti-memory loss and anti-stress blend
  10. Protects the eyes, delays the progression of cataract, glaucoma. muscular degeneration and all eyes related problems
  11. Fight against heart diseases nerve diseases and infections
  12. Highly recommended for all


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