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Wood Vinegar Detox Plasters

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Product ingredients and Uses: 

  1. Wood Vinegar Detox Plasters green, safe, “in-vitro” dialysis, detoxification therapy.
  2. Cleansing the nervous system, to restore the functions of the body, improve the body’s immune system, natural, environmental protection, without side effects.
  3. Eliminate harmful substances from the body, promote the body’s absorption of nutrients, enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, reduce swelling and edema, and enhance natural human immunity, playing a vital role in physical fitness.
  4. Extracted from thick, coniferous evergreen trees.
  5. The product has a strong absorption ability. Through the skin’s metabolic process, it absorbs and expels the cold moisture of the human body, strong adsorption of toxins and inhibits the human body’s production of unwanted bacteria.
  6. A natural multi-element mineral with magnesium, aluminium, iron, boron, and a variety of trace elements beneficial to the human body which can produce a permanent weak current of 0.06 MA, very similar to human bio-electricity, can get through the nervous system to repair the spine, activate cells, purify the blood, promoting metabolism, purifying body fluids, enhancing immunity and a slim shape.

In vitro dialysis detoxification therapy: So-called “in-vitro” dialysis, the use of active substances with special effects – wood vinegar, in a purely physical effect, by affixing to the plantar holographic reflex zones, dredge the nerves, stimulate the nervous system regulatory role, the central nervous system, transmission of information, inductive conductivity, plus wood vinegar paste itself has a strong adsorption and astringent properties and a unique in vitro dialysis function, targeting the adsorption of the cold body moisture.

The accumulation of free radicals and metabolic waste through the nervous system, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, to take the initiative to be excreted to achieve safe, comprehensive detoxification.


Before use, soak the feet with warm water for 10-20 minutes, scrub, dry.

Then tear the plastic bag and take out the wood vinegar detox plasters powder bag.

Remove the protective backing sheet from the adhesive pads tape, adhesive the wood vinegar plaster (the side with words) to the middle of the adhesive side of the adhesive pad tape, keep the powder in the powder bag well mixed, paste for 6-8 hours, according to the individual differences, may be extended to 10 hours, remove and dispose of used moist pad and wash the treated area if necessary.

Beneficial for these problems:

  • Rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, bone and joint pain and swellings.
  • Circulation System Diseases: (varicose veins, poor blood circulation, cold limbs, hands and feet numbness).
  • Hyperostosis (bone spurs, lumbar disc herniation, spinal stenosis, sciatic nerve pain).
  • Neurological diseases (insomnia, peripheral neuropathy, diabetic foot prevention, healing of ulcers, etc.).
  • Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, pruritus, neurodermatitis).
  • Edema (various causes of edema)

Attention: For External use only. Do not apply to open wounds or irritated skin. Use immediately after tearing.

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