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Product Function:

Lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure, enhancing memory, anti-oxidation,anti-aging, and prevent cancer.

Product active ingredients and efficacy:

Resveratrol: The new green cancer fighter. Hailed in the U.S. as an “anti-aging” substance. Xining capsules contain the equivalent of 100 glasses of wine. It can reduce blood viscosity, prevent atherosclerosis, to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improve memory, anti-oxidation, anti-aging; regulate body immunity, prevent the occurrence of the tumor, anti-radiation.

For people:

1. People who want to delay aging, keep healthy and youthful.

2. People who wish to have whitened skin.

3. People with allergy.

4. People with Cardiovascular disease.

5. People who exposure to radiation for a long time, such as the radiation of TV, mobile phones, computers.

6. People with Varicose Veins.


Three times per day and one capsule per time.


4.5g/capsule*90 capsules/bottle

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