Yeekong Lotus Tea


Key Features

  1. Reduce weight
  2. Lower blood fat and blood pressure
  3. Expel toxicity
  4. Nourish the face,
  5. Moisten the intestines.
  6. Frees the stool.

Product Function:

Reduce weight, lower blood fat and blood pressure, expel toxicity, nourish the face, moisten the intestines and free the stool.

Product Active Ingredients and Efficacy:

Lotus leaf: Break down accumulated fats, reduce the intake of lipid and cholesterol.

Ginseng: Promote lipid metabolism, reduce the intake of blood glucose.

Chinese Senna Seeds: Regulate liver to smooth stagnated qi and relieve constipation.

Chinese Preserving Melon: It is a diuretic to help reduce swelling, can lower blood pressure.

Bitter Melon: Super low calorie, contain elaterin to prevent the formation of fat.

Chinese Hawthorn & Folium Sennae: Improve digestion and eliminates constipation.

Lemon & Green Tea: Anti-oxidant, smoothens and soften skin.

For People:

Obesity, high blood lipids, intestinal stomach disorders, reduce body temperature, constipation.


Use one tea-bag each time with boiling or cool water, steep for 5 minutes before drinking.




Yeekong International

Yeekong company maintains our commitment to the health industry world over and our responsibility to provide safe health products for people of all global nationalities. Yeekong company will create a sustaining enterprise with its fundamental foundation based on human health and integrity, looking forward to making a greater contribution to human health.
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions18 × 10 × 5 cm

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