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Make your enjoy outdoor activities with your family

Elegant aroma, clean and clear feeling;

Effective ingredients: DEET, 8 hours of effectiveness with positive virtue
Compound floral and fruity fragrant style, the top fragrance is fresh citrus aromas, the body fragrance is quiet and elegant, bottom fragrance is warm musk, the whole fragrance is elegant and pleasant.
3,000 1,500

Makes you feel fresh and confident

  1. Antiperspirant deodorant:containing an effective antiperspirant cooling factor can effectively reduce underarm sweat and eliminate sweat odor.
  2. Mild stimulation:PH value skin-friendly formula,gentle with no residue, quick-drying, non-sticky for all types of skin.
  3. Relaxing Fragrance:fresh and elegant,floral and fruity, let you feel comfortable throughout the day, fragrant and full of self-confidence.
  4. Easy to use:compact, ball-type shape,just open the bottle, gently roll the bulk of the ball under the arm, and you can produce a cool and pleasant fragrance.
17,000 12,500

Longrich Arthro SupReviver

  1. This product is a health food whose main ingredients are chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride which play an important role in the growth and repair of articular cartilage.
  2. The product is combined with ginger extract and green tea extract with highly effective and without any side effects in anti-inflammatory pain relief.
  3. The product can hinder the production of enzymes that cause cartilage damage, and help prevent osteoarthritis.
  4. Good for stroke patients, arthritis, rheumatism, bone issue and joint issues
  5. This health care product is made from chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, extractive of ginger, tea polyphenols, starch and magnesium stearate.
  6. Animal Functional experiment has proved that it has the health function of strengthening the immune system

Longrich Arthro SupReviver
High and New Biotechnology
Enhance lmmunity and Strengthen Bones

Product Efficacy:
1.Health food with main ingredients are chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride, which play an important role in the growth and repair of articular cartilage.
2.It combined with ginger extract and green tea extract with highly effective and without any side effects in anti-inflammatory pain relief.
3.Hinder the production of enzymes that cause cartilage damage and help prevent osteoarthritis.
  • Good for stroke patients, Arthritis, Rheumatism, bone and joint issues.
  • Boost Immune System.
  • It is an important structural component of the bone cartilage and provides much of its resistance.
  • For treating osteoarthritis as a dietary supplement.
    700mgx60 pills , 700mgx60 , pills x2 bottles
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Longrich Bamboo Charcoal Soap
Efficiency cleanser by bamboo charcoal

  1. Refined bamboo charcoal ingredients absorb dirt and remove excessive grease.
  2. Coconut oil essence preserves moisture and moistens your skin.
  3. Natural cleaning ingredients freshen and smooth your skin.
  4. Mild formula particularly suitable for neutral and oily skin.
Daily use advised.
8,500 5,000

Longrich Slimming Tea has excellent herbal properties that suite your purpose beyond weight management.

  • It¬†works at a rapid rate.
  • It helps in reduction of belly fat.
  • It not only help in weight loss but increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure.
  • It reduces anxiety and stress.
  • It treats ringworm.
  • It treats pimples and acne.
  • It detoxifies liver and reduces risk of heart diseases.
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  1. Formulated with vitamin A, C, E and natural hydrating factors, it rescues your skin from dullness and dryness and make it brightened, tender, smooth and supple.
  2. Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET) is used to stabilize vitamin A, C, E and enable easier penetration and absorption.

Directions for use: Cleanse your hands and apply it evenly on your hands.

6,700 3,000

Longrich Brightening Treatment Shampoo
Get new shining hair

This product can enhance gloss and softness for your hair.

Functional features:

The pomegranate essence and EMP protein can effectively penetrate the surface of your hairs and replenish fat and protein for damaged hairs.
It can alleviate dullness and coarseness due to perming, dyeing and drying or harm from the environment, restoring elasticity and maintain the natural colour.
7,500 5,000


  • Daily intake of calcium is good for strong bone and teeth.
  • It helps prevent osteoporosis.
  • It helps pregnant women to prevent high blood pressure and maternal death.
  • It aids and promotes secretion of hormones.
  • It inhibits the formation of kidney stones.
  • It strengthens and improves memory.
  • It is good for arthritis patients.
  • It lowers blood pressure and the risk of hypertension.
10,000 6,000

This coffee is a special blend of cordyceps militaris and coffee beans, formulated to improve health.
1) It enhances and strengthens the immune system.
2) It improves physical performance.
3) It provides anti-anging and fatigue-reducing effects.
4) Improves respiratory functions.
5) Enhances cellular oxygen intake.
6) Protects the liver and kidnes.
7) Suitable for all.

7,500 5,000

Longrich NutriVRich Xinchang Tea (Green Tea)

Just one cup a day with a relax intestinal

  1. Fresh green tea with Chinese yam rhizome, semen raphani, poria cocos and cassia seed.
  2. It facilitated intestinal peristalsis and promote digestion
  3. It indispensable when you are in busy work
  4. No side effect to human body and other adverse reactions.
4,480 3,450

Longrich Herbal Moisturizing Body Wash
Clean skin, Fresh vitality

  1. This product has a mild botanic fragrance that is soothing and freshening. While cleansing the skin, it keeps moisture and harmless to skin.
  2. This product contains green tea extract, aloe essence, liquorice extract, menthol and a variety of vitamins, which can make the skin comfortable, tender and smooth, and form a moistening protective layer to prevent post-bath dryness.
  3. The soap-free formula freshens but does not tighten the skin and is suitable for all kinds of skin.
16,220 12,480
Key Features
  • It increases sperm production, improves sperm count and quality of sperm produced.
  • It increases the sex drive of patient(s) with low libido.
  • It eliminates impotency in men and improves the body‚Äôs immunity.
  • It helps in treating Leukemia (Cancer of the blood & bone marrow).
  • It eliminates fatigue hence suitable for men who easily get tired.
  • It can be used for treating stiffness e.g. arthritis.
39,000 25,000

Longrich Pi Cup

  1. Controls the water pH value and keeping it in range of mild alkaline.
  2. Helps maintain a balanced pH in the body.
  3. Improves water quality and promotes metabolism.
  4. Delivers more active hydrogen to the body and eliminates excess free radicals.
  5. Enhances immunity and anti-aging.
  6. Eliminates residual chlorine from water.
  7. Helps reduce Cholesterol in the body.
  8. Improves digestion and increases energy.
27,900 15,800

Mengqian – Female Fertility Supplement

Perfect for correcting and treating fertility problems in women.


  1. Improving look (removes Chloasma) and posting Senility.
  2. Effective in treating skin disease and Arthritis.
  3. Effective in the treatment of Epilepsy and Paralysis.
  4. Effective in the treatment of Down Syndrome.
  5. Corrects Hormonal changes caused by Liver Disease or use of oral contraceptives.
  6. It Provides Amino Acids, Mucopoly Saccharides, VITB and an array of minerals which include Calcium, Cinc
  7. Iron, Strontium, Copper, Senelium, Silicon and Titanium.
  8. It regulates melanin production which helps clear patches and lightens uneven skin tone.
  9. Helps to reduce pimples to promote healthy complexion.
  10. Cools the liver, improving well being and energy.
  11. Detoxify the system, clean and clear the skin and make woman look younger (anti -aging).
  12. Reduces stress from mind, treats sore throat,
  13. Adjusts nerve system, regulates metabolism.
  14. Improves eye sight and treats Insomnia.
1,600 1,230

Mouth Freshener
Boost yourself with a fresh breath

1.A mixed of white tea,mint essence components that refresh you mind,gives you a fresh breath,protect oral health.

2.Fresh breath to refresh your spirit.

3.Functional features: With white tea, mint essence, refreshing, fresh breath, protecting oral health.

4.Main Ingredients: white tea extract, peppermint oil, moisturizers.
5,000 2,800

Sheep Placenta SOD Milk (Body Cream)

Essence of Sheep Placenta,refresh youthful vigor,

  1. Contains placenta essence, Liposome SOD, vitamin E and other nutrients.
  2. Has great affinity for the skin, able to penetrate and help to improve damaged skin.
  3. Effective nourishment and protection for supple, radiant, and vigorous youthful skin.
  4. Protects skin against irritation.
5,500 2,500

1. This accelerates intracellular electrical activity which improves blood circulation vaginal enzyme content.

2. Promotes increased acid secretion and strengthens women self-protection capability.

3. The antibacterial action eliminates odor and protects from itching.

4. This high-technology product prevents internal diseases to ensure your reproductive health.

5. It helps remove toxins from the body during menstruation.

6. Quick absorption without reverse osmosis, dries quickly thus avoids sticky sensation.

Has 8 layers of care for ultra comfort and staying fresh. Uses magnetic, anion and far infrared strip to prevents odor and relieve menstrual discomforts.
16 Packs

5,000 2,500

Superbklean Sanitary Napkins РPanty Liner (1 Pack)

1. Breathable and comfortable

  1. Prevents you from toilet infection.
  2. Ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria with the help of the anion strip which helps eliminate odor and itching.
  3. Supports the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  4. Scientifically closed packing
  5. Purifies the blood and balance the autonomic nervous system, promoting sleep.

30 Pieces