How To Get Pregnant With Twins With Natural Herbs

Everyone admire twins and most people will likely do anything to have the blessing of conceiving with twins or multiple babies. While there are higher chance for some people to have twins because of their ethnicity, background, family lineage and history. Others too can take a shot at it by following these steps and the various natural ways, and more options for twin conception. There are also certain herbs which help improve fertility, in particular with the conception of twins or multiples.

However, this is not a fool-proof of getting what you want.

  1. Zinc Rich Foodzinc

    Taking a lot foods rich in zinc like green leafy vegetables, oysters, bread, and seeds stimulate sperm production. It, therefore, improves the probability of fertilizing more than one egg. Where there is no access to Zinc rich food, taking Zinc supplement also can do the magic.

  2. Maca Root

    These herbs can serve as an adaptogen and promotes healthy reproductive functioning in the female body. It improves overall fertility in both men and women, thereby indirectly improving the chances of producing twins.

  3. Vitex (chaste tree berry)vitex

    The Vitex helps in treating females suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The herb helps in regulating the hormone levels, reduces the levels of androgens that contribute towards PCOS and helps in promoting healthy ovulatory function. Vitex helps in the prevention or reduction of ovarian cysts in females. It is useful in improving the probability of twin babies as there is a chance for the woman to double ovulate.

  4. Evening primrose oilomega plus

    Taking evening primrose oil can help boost your chance of getting twins. Primrose oil is famous for its fertility boosting property from ages. It helps in promoting the healthy production of the cervical mucus that flows in the reproductive tract. This Healthy mucus allows the sperm to survive for longer days within the ovary. It is advisable to take evening primrose oil at the peak time of menstruation and continue it up to ovulation.

  5. Licorice Rootlicorice

    This sweet herb regulates the menstrual cycle and makes it easier for you to keep track of your ovulation days. Licorice helps in controlling the hormonal level of testosterone and oestrogen, thus supporting the entire process of conception and increase your chance of getting twins.

  6. Flax Seed Oilflaxseed

    Flaxseed oil possesses a great ability to boost fertility in women and increases your chances of conceiving twins naturally. It regulates the hormonal production and maintains a regular menstrual cycle. It ensures a proper balance of progesterone and oestrogen hormones and increase your chance of getting twins.

  7. Sweet Cassavacassava

    It is the most efficient herbal supplement, known for its effect on fertility. It increases your chances of having twins by its hyper-ovulation property. The potent phytoestrogens present in cassava help in regulating the female hormones and increase your chance of getting twins.

  8. Black Cohoshblack coochi

    This traditional herb can effectively alleviate the symptoms associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause. The herb strengthens the uterine muscles and is beneficial for women with weak pelvic floors Though it does not directly increase the chances of having twins, it improves fertility rates, which may increase the probability of twins babies.

  9. Take folic acid supplements

    Folic acid is a B vitamin. Many doctors recommend taking it before and during pregnancy to reduce the risk for neural tube defects like spina bifida. Prior to becoming pregnant, doctors recommend taking about 400 micrograms of folic acid per day and increasing this amount to 600 micrograms during pregnancy.
    There have been some small studies that suggest folic acid may increase the likelihood of conceiving twins and multiples. But there aren’t any large-scale studies to confirm that this increases your chances for multiples. If you are trying to get pregnant, taking folic acid will help protect your baby’s brain development

Other over the counter drug your Doctor can recommend for you include: Gonadotropin, Progesterone, Parlodel

As we have mentioned above, all these are only attempts to get pregnant with twins. There is no sure-shot way to have twins. Try your luck with one or more of these methods.


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